It’s all about being better!

Even if you are an ethical and sustainable shopper there is always something better to do! So, besides many other things, we believe in transparency. Hand in hand with our partners and suppliers, we try to maintain a sustainable fashion mentality, using all natural and eco-friendly materials. We always give full credit to people behind all who are the core of what we do. For us, keeping our partners safe and happy is important at least as much as keeping our planet safe and clean. Together we are a team and we are proud of being transparent all the time.


We never stop caring about our team and the environment, and never will. Our mission is to show the world that there’s a better way to manufacture sustainable fashion products. This is why we are always transparent about our process and who made your clothes. We like to introduce the people behind our products from our workshops in Turkey.


Is this really important?

Well, it is for us. Because we believe that small changes make a huge impact, especially in such a big industry like fashion. So that you keep on wearing better fashion, we use organic materials, locally from Turkey. Alongside our certified recycled fabrics, we reduce dependence on petroleum as a raw material. Because recycling requires much less energy than the amount needed to produce virgin polyester.

We try t to keep our planet clean from toxic. With a single piece you own, you get to support local producers and preserve the environment at the same time. We also value the equality of our partners in the workplace and pay them fairly in that manner.


We gather a group of like-minded people together who are willing to work hard for our planet. Now, we’re proud of introducing our family to you, who help our dreams come true.

Sanko Textile ( and Aker Textile ( are two of the oldest and environment conscious textile companies of Turkey. They provide the highest technology organic and recycled fabrics for us to be made our high-quality products.

We work along with Fab Textile ( and Echo Textile ( to manufacture the fabrics we choose carefully. The common point of these two textile giants is they all care a lot about people and planet, just like us! We all prioritize fair living wage, equal working conditions and work safety.


Our workshop is the place where good things happen! As the smallest part of our family, our very own Birol and Gülay make a quite big impact on our products. Our local craftsman is the master of his work and takes care of our products from scratch delicately.

With over 15 years of experience in the textile industry, Ceylan Arıcan Ertekin is one of the many great minds behind our brand. She has always supported Lando with her consultancy on setting the standards, qualifying for certificates, fittings, designs and more.

Founder of Fab Textile, Iskender Bozdemir, has also supported us to be what we are today. His incomparable experience in fabric and manufacturing helps us to improve our products from day one. With 30 years of experience, Iskender Bozdemir has affected our product from A to Z and made us believe that we can do anything we dream about!