Delivery and Refund Policy

Delivery and Refund Policy

All your orders placed before 3PM on weekdays will be delivered the next working day within Istanbul with ARAS Kargo.
You can return any product you order from Lando Studio within 14 days from the day of delivery. Products that are being returned may not be worn, washed or damaged.

To arrange a return you can send an email to [email protected] and let us know which products you want to return. After notifying you can ship the product(s) you want to return. Please note that for international orders shipping costs will be paid for by the customer.

Our conditions for returning products are as follows;
The product you want to return should be shipped unworn and unwashed. The product should be packed without any damage in their original packaging and then be returned to the returns address that Lando Studio has provided you.
We cannot accept returns that don’t have their original packaging, or where the packaging is damaged, has a sticker from the cargo company on it, has duct tape on it, or where the original packaging is damaged in any other way. If we receive products in a damaged state we will return them to the sender and all extra shipping costs will be paid for by the customer.
If the product to be returned had any accessories when initially delivered, all these accessories have to be packed without any damages in their original packaging and need to be returned as well.
If any clothing has been worn, washed or altered, we can’t accept the return of these products.
If because of the specifications of the product, it is not suitable to be returned or if by returning the product the expiration date will have passed and the product will be unsellable, the product cannot be returned.
Products that have been specially produced and/or are prepared for special occasions like New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mother/Father’s Day cannot be returned. Specially imported products cannot be returned.
Once your request has reached us together with the product you wish to exchange, we will inspect it and if approved, we will ship your desired product within 2 working day, if it is in stock.

If the product isn’t in stock we will refund you the price of the product in the same way as your initial payment was made.

Exchanges can only be made within the same model with a different color/size/number. You cannot exchange your product for a different type of product.