From earth with love!

Everything started with a question; “Is there a better way to produce our clothes?”. And with that attitude, Lando was born.

We always believe that there’s a better way for our world. For every product we make, we try to do it in that way. From our raw materials to product labels, everything we produce aims to serve sustainable fashion. Meaning that every Lando product you use is specially designed to make something good for our planet, and of course, for you!


Better production is possible!

Lando believes that toxic or chemicals shouldn’t touch the human body. Hence, none of our products contains these kinds of materials. Products you buy from Lando are always made from organic and recycled materials.

While producing harmless products with our certified organic cotton fabrics, we reduce waste and carbon footprint by using recycled fabrics made from post industrial fiber waste that would otherwise go to landfill.


Always for the better.

We have produced our clothes with earth-friendly materials and with a unique design perspective. When we reached the highest standard in quality, we took a step back and thought about what can be done better. Then we started to hide seeds in our biodegradable brand hangtags for you. You can plant the hangtag of Lando products you buy and you can grow your own basil.

We hope it will inspire you to minimize your waste and have more green in your life.

Come and join the Lando family now.

Be a part of this natural movement, do something better for our planet and something better for yourself!